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Country code CY
Country code (3 digit) CYP
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 84
Size 5,396 km2

Airports in Cyprus

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

LCENNicosia (Lefkoşa) Ercan International AirportECNNicosia FIR
NicosiaMidsized airport
LCLKLarnaca International AirportLCANicosia FIR
LarnarcaLarge airport
LCPHPaphos International AirportPFONicosia FIR
PaphosMidsized airport
LCRARAF AkrotiriAKTNicosia FIR
AkrotiriMidsized airport
CY-0001Lakatamia AirfieldNicosia FIRSmall airport
CY-0002Lefkoniko Airport / Geçitkale Air BaseGECNicosia FIRGeçitkaleMidsized airport
CY-0003Pınarbaşı Air BaseNicosia FIRSmall airport
CY-0005Kornos Highway StripNicosia FIRClosed
CY-0006Kophinou Highway StripNicosia FIRSmall airport
CY-0007Marki AirfieldNicosia FIRSmall airport
CY-0009Famagusta General Hospital HelipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0010Ayios Nikolaos South HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0011Ayios Nikolaos North HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0012UNFICYP OP08 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0013Mosfili helipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0014UNFICYP OP03 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0015Erenköy HelipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0016UNFICYP HelipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0017Variseia Border Post helipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0018UNFICYP OP18 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0019UNFICYP OP22 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0020UNFICYP OP32 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0021Yukari Bostanci Border Post HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0022UNFICYP Camp Roca HelipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0023Gaziveren HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0024Yeşilyurt helipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0026Sadrazamköy heliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0027Çamlıbel heliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0028Girne HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0029Karaman HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0030UNFICYP OP51 HelipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0031Metehan HelipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0032UNFICYP Nicosia Airport HelipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0033Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi HelipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0034Ortaköy HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0035UNFICYP OP86 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0036UNFICYP OP91 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0037UNFICYP OP95 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0038UNFICYP OP101 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0039UNFICYP OP123 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0040UNFICYP OP126 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0041RAF Dhekelia AirfieldNicosia FIRSmall airport
CY-0042Dhekelia Station JNCO HelipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0043Dhekelia Station Waterloo Road HelipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0045UNFICYP OP138 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0046UNFICYP OP140 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0047UNFICYP CP10 HeliportNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0048Dhekelia Station Sports Fields HelipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0049Dhekelia Station HelipadNicosia FIRHeliport
CY-0051Gülseren Barracks Central HelipadNicosia FIRHeliport
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