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Country code HR
Country code (3 digit) HRV
Continent Europe
Flight Information Regions
Airports 49
Size 54,955 km2

Airports in Croatia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

LDDUDubrovnik AirportDBVZagreb FIR
DubrovnikMidsized airport
LDOSOsijek AirportOSIZagreb FIR
OsijekMidsized airport
LDPLPula AirportPUYZagreb FIR
PulaMidsized airport
LDRIRijeka AirportRJKZagreb FIR
RijekaMidsized airport
LDSBBrač AirportBWKZagreb FIR
Brač IslandMidsized airport
LDSPSplit AirportSPUZagreb FIR
SplitMidsized airport
LDZAZagreb AirportZAGZagreb FIR
ZagrebLarge airport
LDZDZadar AirportZADZagreb FIR
Zemunik (Zadar)Midsized airport
HR-0004Nova Rača AirfieldZagreb FIRSmall airport
HR-0005Gradac AirstripZagreb FIRSmall airport
HR-0009Lila AirstripZagreb FIRSmall airport
HR-0010Mirkovac AirstripZagreb FIRSmall airport
HR-0012Dubrovnik General Hospital HelipadZagreb FIRHeliport
HR-0013Selca/Novo Selo HeliportZagreb FIRHeliport
HR-0014Osejava HeliportZagreb FIRHeliport
HR-0016Letjelište "Marina"Zagreb FIRSmall airport
HR-0018Nedelišće AirstripZagreb FIRSmall airport
LDDDZagreb / MaksimirZagreb FIRUnknown
LDLMMali LosinjZagreb FIRClosed
LDLOLošinj Island AirportLSZZagreb FIRLošinjSmall airport
LDOBVukovar Borovo N AirportZagreb FIRVukovarSmall airport
LDOCOsijek-Čepin AirfieldZagreb FIRČepinSmall airport
LDORSlavonski Jelas AirportZagreb FIRSlavonskiSmall airport
LDOVVinkovci Sopot AirportZagreb FIRVinkovciSmall airport
LDPMMedulin Campanoz AirportZagreb FIRMedulinSmall airport
LDPNUnije AirportZagreb FIRUnije IslandSmall airport
LDPVVrsar Crljenka AirportZagreb FIRVrsarSmall airport
LDRGGrobnicko Polje AirportZagreb FIRGrobnickoSmall airport
LDROOtočac AirportZagreb FIROtočacSmall airport
LDRPRijekaZagreb FIRClosed
LDSFFirule HeliportZagreb FIRSplitHeliport
LDSHHvar AirportZagreb FIRHvar IslandSmall airport
LDSLKorcula/vela LukaZagreb FIRClosed
LDSSSinj Piket AirfieldZagreb FIRSinjSmall airport
LDSTSplit/portZagreb FIRClosed
LDSULastovo/ubliZagreb FIRClosed
LDVAVaraždin AirportZagreb FIRVaraždinSmall airport
LDVCČakovec Pribislavec AirportZagreb FIRČakovecSmall airport
LDVDDaruvar Blagorod AirportZagreb FIRDaruvarSmall airport
LDVKKoprivnica Danic AirfieldZagreb FIRKoprivnicaSmall airport
LDVRDaruvarZagreb FIRSmall airport
LDWRShip C7m/mikeBodo Oceanic FIRUnknown
LDZBBuševec Velika Glider AirportZagreb FIRBusevecGliderfield
LDZEZvekovacZagreb FIRZvekovacSmall airport
LDZIIvanić-Grad AirstripZagreb FIRIvanić-GradSmall airport
LDZJBjelovar Brezova AirportZagreb FIRBjelovarSmall airport
LDZKAerodrom Zabok-GubaševoZagreb FIRZabokSmall airport
LDZLLučko AirportZagreb FIRZagrebSmall airport
LDZRZagreb BratinaZagreb FIRSmall airport
LDZSSisakZagreb FIRSmall airport
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