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Cote d'Ivoire

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Country code CI
Country code (3 digit) CIV
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 31
Size 322,038 km2

Airports in Cote d'Ivoire

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

DIAPFélix-Houphouët-Boigny International AirportABJDakar FIR
AbidjanMidsized airport
DIBKBouaké AirportBYKDakar FIR
Midsized airport
DIYOYamoussoukro AirportASKDakar FIR
YamoussoukroMidsized airport
CI-0001Assouindé AirportDakar FIRSmall airport
CI-0002Cosrou AirportDakar FIRSmall airport
CI-0003Wèoulo AirportDakar FIRSmall airport
CI-0004Alassane Ouattara HelipadDakar FIRHeliport
KTCKatiola AirportKTCDakar FIRKatiolaSmall airport
DIADAdiakeDakar FIRUnknown
DIAOAboisso AirportABODakar FIRAboissoSmall airport
DIAUAbengourou AirportOGODakar FIRAbengourouSmall airport
DIBCBocanda AirportDakar FIRBocandaSmall airport
DIBIBoundiali AirportBXIDakar FIRBoundialiSmall airport
DIBNBouna AirportBQODakar FIRBounaSmall airport
DIBUSoko AirportBDKDakar FIRBondoukouSmall airport
DIDBDabou AirportDakar FIRDabouSmall airport
DIDKDimbokro AirportDIMDakar FIRDimbokroSmall airport
DIDLDaloa AirportDJODakar FIRMidsized airport
DIGAGagnoa AirportGGNDakar FIRGagnoaSmall airport
DIGLGuiglo AirportGGODakar FIRGuigloSmall airport
DIGNNero-Mer AirportBBVDakar FIRGrand-BérébySmall airport
DIKOKorhogo AirportHGODakar FIRKorhogoMidsized airport
DIMNMan AirportMJCDakar FIRMidsized airport
DIODOdienne AirportKEODakar FIROdienneSmall airport
DIOFOuango Fitini AirportOFIDakar FIROuango FitiniSmall airport
DISGSéguéla AirportSEODakar FIRSeguelaSmall airport
DISPSan Pedro AirportSPYDakar FIRMidsized airport
DISSSassandra AirportZSSDakar FIRSassandraSmall airport
DITBTabou AirportTXUDakar FIRTabouSmall airport
DITNMahana AirportTOZDakar FIRToubaSmall airport
CI-0005Zagné AirportRoberts FIRSmall airport
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