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Country code CD
Country code (3 digit) COD
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 299
Size 2,335,422 km2

Airports in Congo

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

FZAANdjili International AirportFIHKinshasa FIR
KinshasaLarge airport
CD-0001Wageni AirportKinshasa FIRBeniSmall airport
CD-0002Kashobwe AirportKinshasa FIRKashobweSmall airport
CD-0003NageroKinshasa FIRNageroSmall airport
CD-0004Djolu AirportKinshasa FIRDjoluSmall airport
CD-0005Pimu AirportKinshasa FIRPimuSmall airport
CD-0006Bondo AirportKinshasa FIRBondoSmall airport
CD-0007Yakoma AirportKinshasa FIRSmall airport
CD-0008Dungu AirportKinshasa FIRDunguSmall airport
CD-0009Zaniwe AirportKinshasa FIRZaniweSmall airport
CD-0010Mambasa AirportKinshasa FIRMambasaSmall airport
CD-0011Mongbwalu AirportKinshasa FIRMongbwaluSmall airport
CD-0012Mahagi AirportEntebbe FIRMahagiSmall airport
CD-0013Poko AirportKinshasa FIRPokoSmall airport
CD-0014Monga AirportKinshasa FIRMongaSmall airport
CD-0015Epulu AirportKinshasa FIREpuluSmall airport
CD-0016Nia-Nia AirportKinshasa FIRNia-NiaSmall airport
CD-0017Aru AirportKinshasa FIRAruSmall airport
CD-0018Ishango AirportKinshasa FIRIshangoSmall airport
CD-0019Tshimpumpu AirportKinshasa FIRTshimpumpuSmall airport
CD-0020Bokoro AirportKinshasa FIRBokoroSmall airport
CD-0021Boeli AirstripKinshasa FIRBoeliSmall airport
CD-0022Dakwa AirportKinshasa FIRDakwaSmall airport
CD-0023Nebobongo AirportKinshasa FIRNebobongoSmall airport
CD-0024Boma Lukandu International AirportKinshasa FIRMidsized airport
CD-0025Maluku AirstripKinshasa FIRSmall airport
CD-0026Bolobo AirportKinshasa FIRSmall airport
CD-0027Kamoa Mine HeliportKinshasa FIRHeliport
CD-0028Lodja Catholic Mission AirportKinshasa FIRSmall airport
CD-0029Irebu AirportKinshasa FIRSmall airport
CD-0030Kibombo AirportKinshasa FIRSmall airport
CD-0031Mulongo AirportKinshasa FIRSmall airport
KILKilwa AirportKILKinshasa FIRKilwaSmall airport
CD-0037Aketi AirportKinshasa FIRAketiSmall airport
CD-0039Boende AirportBNBKinshasa FIRBoendeSmall airport
CD-0041Ikela AirportIKLKinshasa FIRIkelaSmall airport
CD-0042Kanene AirportKinshasa FIRKaneneSmall airport
CD-0043Kaniama AirportKinshasa FIRKaniamaSmall airport
CD-0044Lodja AirportLJAKinshasa FIRLodjaSmall airport
CD-0045Malebo AirportKinshasa FIRMaleboSmall airport
CD-0047Oshwe AirportKinshasa FIROshweSmall airport
CD-0048Tunta AirportKBNKinshasa FIRKabindaSmall airport
FZABNdolo AirportNLOKinshasa FIRN'doloMidsized airport
FZADCelo Zongo AirportKinshasa FIRCelo ZongoSmall airport
FZAEKimpoko AirportKinshasa FIRKimpokoSmall airport
FZAFNsangi AirportKinshasa FIRNsangiSmall airport
FZAGMuanda AirportMNBKinshasa FIRSmall airport
FZAHTshela AirportKinshasa FIRTshelaSmall airport
FZAJBoma AirportBOAKinshasa FIRBomaSmall airport
FZALLuozi AirportLZIKinshasa FIRLuoziSmall airport
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