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Cayman Islands

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Country code KY
Country code (3 digit) CYM
Continent North America
Airports 9
Size 310 km2

Airports in Cayman Islands

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

MWCBCharles Kirkconnell International AirportCYBKingston FIR
Cayman BracMidsized airport
MWCROwen Roberts International AirportGCMKingston FIR
GeorgetownLarge airport
KY-0003Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman HelipadKingston FIRHeliport
KY-0004Cayman Helicopters HelipadKingston FIRHeliport
KY-0005Camana Bay HelipadKingston FIRHeliport
KY-0006Faith Hospital HelipadKingston FIRHeliport
KY-0007Royal Vista Estate Private HelipadKingston FIRHeliport
MWCGGrand Cayman CityKingston FIRUnknown
MWCLEdward Bodden Little Cayman AirfieldLYBKingston FIRLittle CaymanSmall airport
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