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Cayman Islands

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Country code KY
Country code (3 digit) CYM
Continent North America
Airports 9
Size 310 km2

Airports in Cayman Islands

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

KY-0003Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman HelipadKingston FIRHeliport
KY-0004Cayman Helicopters HelipadKingston FIRHeliport
KY-0005Camana Bay HelipadKingston FIRHeliport
KY-0006Faith Hospital HelipadKingston FIRHeliport
KY-0007Royal Vista Estate Private HelipadKingston FIRHeliport
MWCBCharles Kirkconnell International AirportCYBKingston FIRCayman BracMidsized airport
MWCGGrand Cayman CityKingston FIRUnknown
MWCLEdward Bodden Little Cayman AirfieldLYBKingston FIRLittle CaymanSmall airport
MWCROwen Roberts International AirportGCMKingston FIRGeorgetownLarge airport
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