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Cape Verde

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Country code CV
Country code (3 digit) CPV
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 11
Size 3,897 km2

Airports in Cape Verde

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

GVACAmílcar Cabral International AirportSIDSal Oceanic FIR
EspargosLarge airport
GVBARabil AirportBVCSal Oceanic FIR
RabilMidsized airport
GVNPPraia International AirportRAISal Oceanic FIR
PraiaMidsized airport
GVSVSão Pedro AirportVXESal Oceanic FIR
São PedroMidsized airport
BVREsperadinha AirportBVRSal Oceanic FIRBrava IslandSmall airport
GVANAgostinho Neto AirportNTOSal Oceanic FIRPonta do SolSmall airport
GVFMFrancisco MendesRAISal Oceanic FIRUnknown
GVMAMaio AirportMMOSal Oceanic FIRVila do MaioMidsized airport
GVMTMosteiros AirportMTISal Oceanic FIRVila do MosteirosSmall airport
GVSFSão Filipe AirportSFLSal Oceanic FIRSão FilipeSmall airport
GVSNPreguiça AirportSNESal Oceanic FIRPreguiçaMidsized airport
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