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Burkina Faso

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Country code BF
Country code (3 digit) BFA
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 51
Size 273,827 km2

Airports in Burkina Faso

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

DFFDOuagadougou AirportOUANiamey FIR
OuagadougouMidsized airport
DFOOBobo Dioulasso AirportBOYNiamey FIR
Bobo DioulassoMidsized airport
BF-0001Peta Barabe AirfieldNiamey FIREssakane Gold MineSmall airport
BF-0002Houndé AirportNiamey FIRHoundéSmall airport
BF-0003Gaoua AirportXGANiamey FIRGaouaSmall airport
DFCAKaya AirportXKYNiamey FIRKayaSmall airport
DFCBBarsalogho AirportNiamey FIRBarsaloghoSmall airport
DFCCOuahigouya AirportOUGNiamey FIROuahigouyaClosed
DFCDDidyr AirportNiamey FIRDidyrSmall airport
DFCEBatie AirportNiamey FIRBatieSmall airport
DFCGKongoussi AirportNiamey FIRKongoussiSmall airport
DFCITitao AirportNiamey FIRTitaoSmall airport
DFCJDjibo AirportXDJNiamey FIRDjiboSmall airport
DFCKKoudougou AirportNiamey FIRKoudougouSmall airport
DFCLLeo AirportXLUNiamey FIRLeoSmall airport
DFCMManga AirportNiamey FIRMangaSmall airport
DFCOBoromoNiamey FIRUnknown
DFCPPo AirportPUPNiamey FIRPoSmall airport
DFCRPoura AirportNiamey FIRPouraSmall airport
DFCSSeguenega AirportNiamey FIRSeguenegaSmall airport
DFCTTenado AirportNiamey FIRTenadoClosed
DFCUGourcy AirportNiamey FIRGourcySmall airport
DFCYYako AirportNiamey FIRYakoSmall airport
DFEABoulsa AirportXBONiamey FIRBoulsaSmall airport
DFEBBogande AirportXBGNiamey FIRBogandeSmall airport
DFECKomin-Yanga AirportNiamey FIRKomin-YangaSmall airport
DFEDDiapaga AirportDIPNiamey FIRDiapagaSmall airport
DFEEDori AirportDORNiamey FIRDoriSmall airport
DFEFFada N'gourma AirportFNGNiamey FIRFada N'gourmaSmall airport
DFEGGorom-Gorom AirportXGGNiamey FIRGorom-GoromSmall airport
DFEKKoupela AirportNiamey FIRKoupelaSmall airport
DFELKantchari AirportXKANiamey FIRKantchariSmall airport
DFEMTambao AirportTMQNiamey FIRTambaoSmall airport
DFEOZorgo AirportNiamey FIRZorgoSmall airport
DFEPPama AirportXPANiamey FIRPamaSmall airport
DFERArly AirportARLNiamey FIRArlySmall airport
DFESSebba AirportXSENiamey FIRSebbaSmall airport
DFETTenkodogo AirportTEGNiamey FIRTenkodogoSmall airport
DFEYOuargaye AirportNiamey FIROuargayeSmall airport
DFEZZabré AirportXZANiamey FIRZabréSmall airport
DFOADano AirportNiamey FIRDanoSmall airport
DFOBBanfora AirportBNRNiamey FIRBanforaSmall airport
DFODDedougou AirportDGUNiamey FIRDedougouSmall airport
DFOFSafane AirportNiamey FIRSafaneClosed
DFOHHoundé AirportNiamey FIRHoundeSmall airport
DFONNouna AirportXNUNiamey FIRNounaSmall airport
DFOROrodara AirportNiamey FIROrodaraSmall airport
DFOSSideradougou AirportNiamey FIRSideradougouSmall airport
DFOTTougan AirportTUQNiamey FIRTouganSmall airport
DFOUDiebougou AirportXDENiamey FIRDiebougouSmall airport
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