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Country code BG
Country code (3 digit) BGR
Continent Europe
Flight Information Regions
Airports 113
Size 112,568 km2

Airports in Bulgaria

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

LBBGBurgas AirportBOJSofia FIR
BurgasLarge airport
LBGOGorna Oryahovitsa AirportGOZSofia FIR
Gorna OryahovitsaMidsized airport
LBIABezmerSofia FIR
Midsized airport
LBPDPlovdiv International AirportPDVSofia FIR
PlovdivMidsized airport
LBPGGraf Ignatievo Air BaseSofia FIR
Graf IgnatievoMidsized airport
LBPLDolna Mitropoliya Air BaseSofia FIR
Dolna MitropoliyaMidsized airport
LBSFSofia AirportSOFSofia FIR
SofiaLarge airport
LBWNVarna AirportVARSofia FIR
VarnaLarge airport
BG-0003Trustikovo AirstripSofia FIRTrustikovoSmall airport
BG-0004Zagortsi AirfieldSofia FIRZagortsiSmall airport
BG-0005Svishtov AirfieldSofia FIRSvishtovSmall airport
BG-0009Selanovtsi AirfieldSofia FIRSelanovtsiSmall airport
BG-0012Voysil AirfieldSofia FIRVoysilSmall airport
BG-0013Dve Mogili AirfieldSofia FIRDve MogiliSmall airport
BG-0016Raykova Mogila AirfieldSofia FIRRaikova MogilaSmall airport
BG-0023OstrovoSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0024Krivnya Agricultural AirfieldSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0027Gabrovo AirstripSofia FIRGabrovoSmall airport
BG-0028Blagoevo AirfieldSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0029Staro SelishteSofia FIRStaro SelishteSmall airport
BG-0030BozhurishteSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0031Draganovtsi AirfieldSofia FIRDraganovtsiClosed
BG-0032BreznikSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0033SlivnitsaSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0036Veren AirfieldSofia FIRVerenSmall airport
BG-0037Orliak AirfieldSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0038Suvorovo AirstripSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0039Branichevo AirstripSofia FIRBranichevoSmall airport
BG-0040Air Belozem AirstripSofia FIRBelozemClosed
BG-0041Selskostopansko AirstripSofia FIRVodenichaneSmall airport
BG-0042Selskostopansko AirstripSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0043Nikola Kozlevo AirstripSofia FIRNikola KozlevoSmall airport
BG-0044Yunatsite AirstripSofia FIRYunatsiteSmall airport
BG-0045Mogilishte AirstripSofia FIRMogilishteSmall airport
BG-0046Dzhulyunitsa AirstripSofia FIRDzhulyunitsaSmall airport
BG-0047Rakovski AirstripSofia FIRRakovskiSmall airport
BG-0048Pishtigovo AirstripSofia FIRPishtigovoSmall airport
BG-0050Koynare AirstripSofia FIRKoynareSmall airport
BG-0051Ovchepoltsi AirstripSofia FIROvchepoltsiSmall airport
BG-0053StaroseltsiSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0055Shumen AirfieldSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0056Karamanite AirstripSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0057Lozen AirstripSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0058Dragoman AirstripSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0059Slavovitsa AirstripSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0060Panicharevo AirstripSofia FIRPanicharevoSmall airport
BG-0061DoyrentsiSofia FIRLovecSmall airport
BG-0062Knezha AirstripSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0063Brenitsa AirstripSofia FIRSmall airport
BG-0064Gradishte AirstripSofia FIRSmall airport
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