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Country code BJ
Country code (3 digit) BEN
Continent Africa
Airports 10
Size 116,590 km2

Airports in Benin

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

DBBBCadjehoun AirportCOOAccra FIR
CotonouMidsized airport
BJ-0001Tankaro AirportAccra FIRParakouSmall airport
BJ-0002Cana AirportAccra FIRBohiconSmall airport
BJ-0003Natitingou AirportNAEAccra FIRNatitingouSmall airport
DBBDDjougou AirportDJAAccra FIRDjougouSmall airport
DBBKKandi AirportKDCNiamey FIRKandiSmall airport
DBBOPorga AirportNiamey FIRPorgaSmall airport
DBBPParakou AirportPKOAccra FIRParakouSmall airport
DBBRBembereke AirportAccra FIRBemberekeSmall airport
DBBSSavé AirportSVFAccra FIRSavéSmall airport
DBBCCana AirportAccra FIRBohiconSmall airport
DBBNNatitingou AirportAccra FIRNatitingouSmall airport
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