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Country code BZ
Country code (3 digit) BLZ
Continent North America
Airports 32
Size 22,373 km2

Airports in Belize

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

BZ-0001Chan Chich AirstripCentral American FIRGallon JugSmall airport
BZ-0002Lighthouse Reef AirstripCentral American FIRNorthern CayeSmall airport
BZ-0003San Felipe AirstripCentral American FIRSan FelipeSmall airport
BZ-0007Privassion AirstripCentral American FIRSmall airport
BZ-0009Old Belize HeliportCentral American FIRHeliport
BZ-0010Cisco Base HeliportCentral American FIRHeliport
BZ-0011Cayo Espanto HelipadCentral American FIRHeliport
BZ-0012Azul Resort HeliportCentral American FIRHeliport
BZ-0013Guacamallo Bridge HelipadCentral American FIRHeliport
BCVHector Silva AirstripBCVCentral American FIRBelmopanSmall airport
BGKBig Creek AirportBGKCentral American FIRBig CreekMidsized airport
CUKCaye Caulker AirportCUKCentral American FIRCaye CaulkerSmall airport
CYCCaye Chapel AirportCYCCentral American FIRCaye ChapelMidsized airport
CZHCorozal Municipal AirportCZHCentral American FIRCorozalMidsized airport
DGADangriga AirportDGACentral American FIRDangrigaMidsized airport
INBIndependence AirportINBCentral American FIRIndependenceSmall airport
MDBMelinda AirportMDBCentral American FIRMelindaSmall airport
ORZOrange Walk AirportORZCentral American FIROrange WalkSmall airport
PLJPlacencia AirportPLJCentral American FIRPlacenciaMidsized airport
PNDPunta Gorda AirportPNDCentral American FIRPunta GordaMidsized airport
SJXSartaneja AirportSJXCentral American FIRSartanejaMidsized airport
SPRJohn Greif II AirportSPRCentral American FIRSan PedroMidsized airport
SQSMatthew Spain AirportSQSCentral American FIRSan IgnacioSmall airport
STUSanta Cruz AirportSTUCentral American FIRSanta CruzSmall airport
SVKSilver Creek AirportSVKCentral American FIRSilver CreekSmall airport
TZASir Barry Bowen Municipal AirportTZACentral American FIRBelize CityMidsized airport
MZEManatee AirportMZECentral American FIRSmall airport
MZBZPhilip S. W. Goldson International AirportBZECentral American FIRBelize CityLarge airport
MZJCJohnny Chan Chen AirstripCentral American FIRSmall airport
MZMFSan Ignacio Town (Maya Flats) AirstripCYDCentral American FIRMaya FlatsSmall airport
BZ-0014Tres Leguas AirportCentral American FIRSmall airport
BZ-0015Backlanding AirportCentral American FIRSmall airport
BZ-0034Belize City Municipal AirportCentral American FIRBelize CityClosed
BZ-0035Caye Chapel AirportCentral American FIRSmall airport
BZ-0036Matthew Spain AirportCentral American FIRSan IgnacioSmall airport
BZ-0037Silver Creek AirportCentral American FIRSmall airport
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