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Country code BD
Country code (3 digit) BGD
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 51
Size 137,217 km2

Airports in Bangladesh

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VGEGShah Amanat International AirportCGPDhaka FIR
ChittagongMidsized airport
VGHSDhakaDhaka FIR
BD-0001Inani Beach HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0002Ocean Paradise HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0004Nilgiri HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0005Boga Lake HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0006Ruma HelipadDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0007Bandarban HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0008NVK HelipadDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0009BNS Issa Khan HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0010GEC Convention Centre HelipadDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0011Bhasan Char Nayamasti Heliport 1Dhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0012Bhasan Char Nayamasti Heliport 2Dhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0013Swarna Dweep West HelipadDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0014Swarna Dweep Water Plant HelipadDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0015Swarna Dweep North HelipadDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0016Swarna Dweep Central HelipadDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0017Sandwip HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0018Begumganj HelipadDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0019Noakhali AirportDhaka FIRSmall airport
BD-0020Senbag HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0021Burhanuddin HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0022Patuakhali AirportDhaka FIRSmall airport
BD-0025Narikel Jinjira (Saint Martin's) HeliportYangon FIRHeliport
BD-0026Dhumdumia BGB HeliportYangon FIRHeliport
BD-0027Naikhongchari BGB HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0028Chhagalkhaiya BOP HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0029Tindu HeliportYangon FIRHeliport
BD-0030Bolipara HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0031Keokradong HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0032Thanchi BGB HeliportDhaka FIRHeliport
BD-0033Remakri HeliportYangon FIRHeliport
BD-0034Boro Mowdak HeliportYangon FIRHeliport
BD-0035Upper Sangu River Heliport 1Yangon FIRHeliport
BD-0036Upper Sangu River Heliport 2Yangon FIRHeliport
BD-0037Marang Chara HeliportYangon FIRHeliport
BD-0038Upper Sangu River Heliport 3Yangon FIRHeliport
VGBGBogra AirportDhaka FIRBograSmall airport
VGBRBarisal AirportBZLDhaka FIRBarisalMidsized airport
VGCBCox's Bazar AirportCXBDhaka FIRCox's BazarMidsized airport
VGCMComilla AirportCLADhaka FIRComillaSmall airport
VGISIshurdi AirportIRDDhaka FIRIshurdiMidsized airport
VGJRJessore AirportJSRDhaka FIRJashahorMidsized airport
VGLMLalmonirhat AirportDhaka FIRLalmonirhatSmall airport
VGRJShah Mokhdum AirportRJHDhaka FIRRajshahiMidsized airport
VGSDSaidpur AirportSPDDhaka FIRSaidpurMidsized airport
VGSGThakurgaon AirportTKRDhaka FIRThakurgaonSmall airport
VGSHShamshernagar AirportZHMDhaka FIRShamshernagarSmall airport
VGSYOsmany International AirportZYLDhaka FIRSylhetMidsized airport
VGTJTejgaon AirportDhaka FIRDhakaSmall airport
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