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Country code BH
Country code (3 digit) BHR
Continent Asia
Airports 11
Size 586 km2

Airports in Bahrain

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OBBIBahrain International AirportBAHBahrain FIR
ManamaLarge airport
BH-0001Bahrain International Circuit HeliportBahrain FIRHeliport
BH-0002Riffa Air BaseBahrain FIRRiffaHeliport
BH-0003Jidda Island West HeliportBahrain FIRHeliport
BH-0004Jidda Island South HeliportBahrain FIRHeliport
BH-0005King Hamad University Hospital HelipadBahrain FIRHeliport
BH-0006Bahrain Defense Force HeliportBahrain FIRHeliport
BH-0007Block 997 HeliportBahrain FIRHeliport
BH-0008Block 998 HeliportBahrain FIRHeliport
OBBSSheik Isa Air BaseBahrain FIRSitrahMidsized airport
OBKHSakhir Air BaseBahrain FIRZallaqSmall airport
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