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Country code AT
Country code (3 digit) AUT
Continent Europe
Flight Information Regions
Airports 147
Size 83,756 km2

Airports in Austria

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

LOWGGraz AirportGRZWien FIR
GrazMidsized airport
LOWIInnsbruck AirportINNWien FIR
InnsbruckMidsized airport
LOWKKlagenfurt AirportKLUWien FIR
Klagenfurt am WörtherseeMidsized airport
LOWLLinz-Hörsching Airport / Vogler Air BaseLNZWien FIR
LinzMidsized airport
LOWSSalzburg AirportSZGWien FIR
SalzburgMidsized airport
LOWWVienna International AirportVIEWien FIR
ViennaLarge airport
LOXTBrumowski Air BaseWien FIR
LangenlebarnSmall airport
LOXZHinterstoisser Air BaseWien FIR
ZeltwegMidsized airport
AT-0001Pöchlarn-Wörth HeliportWien FIRPöchlarn-WörthHeliport
AT-0002Scalaria Airchallenge Water Landing AreaWien FIRLake WolfgangSeaplane base
AT-0003Bad Tatzmannsdorf PVA Hospital HelipadWien FIRBad TatzmannsdorfHeliport
AT-0004Güssing Hospital HelipadWien FIRGüssingHeliport
AT-0006Nenzing HeliportWien FIRHeliport
AT-0007Christophorus 15 HeliportWien FIRHeliport
AT-0008Gmünd HeliportWien FIRGmündHeliport
AT-0009Ameis AirstripWien FIRAmeisSmall airport
AT-0010Radochen AirstripWien FIRSmall airport
AT-0011Ternberg Landing FieldWien FIRTernbergSmall airport
LOAAOttenschlag AirportWien FIROttenschlagSmall airport
LOABDobersberg AirfieldWien FIRDobersbergSmall airport
LOACKittsee HeliportWien FIRKittseeHeliport
LOADVöltendorf AirportWien FIRVoeltendorfSmall airport
LOAEEisenstadt HeliportWien FIREisenstadtHeliport
LOAFBaden HeliportWien FIRBadenHeliport
LOAGKrems AirportWien FIRKremsMidsized airport
LOAHHorn HeliportWien FIRHornHeliport
LOAJÖamtc HeliportWien FIRAspernHeliport
LOAKKrems HeliportWien FIRKremsHeliport
LOAMMeidling HeliportWien FIRViennaHeliport
LOANWiener Neustadt East AirportQEWWien FIRWiener NeustadtMidsized airport
LOAOOberpullendorf HeliportWien FIROberpullendorfHeliport
LOAPWaidhofen an der Ybbs Hospital HelipadWien FIRWaidhofen an der YbbsHeliport
LOAQKrankenhaus HeliportWien FIRAmstettenHeliport
LOARAltlichtenwarth GliderfieldWien FIRAltlichtenwarthGliderfield
LOASSpitzerberg AirfieldWien FIRSpitzerbergSmall airport
LOAUStockerau AirportWien FIRStockerauSmall airport
LOAVVöslau-Kottingbrunn AirportWien FIRBad VöslauMidsized airport
LOAWÖamtc HeliportWien FIRWiener NeustadtHeliport
LOAXSt. Pölten HeliportWien FIRSt. PöltenHeliport
LOAYKilb HeliportWien FIRKilbHeliport
LOAZZwettl HeliportWien FIRZwettlHeliport
LOBAWien HeliportWien FIRViennaHeliport
LOBFChristophorus 9 Hospital HeliportWien FIRViennaHeliport
LOBIMödling Krankenhaus HeliportWien FIRMödlingHeliport
LOBMMistelbach Hospital HelipadWien FIRMistelbachHeliport
LODLBusiness Center Leitner HeliportWien FIRKirchberg An Der RaabHeliport
LODOChristophorus 16 HeliportWien FIROberwartHeliport
LOGABad Radkersburg Hospital HelipadWien FIRBad RadkersburgHeliport
LOGCNiederöblarn HeliportWien FIRNiederöblarnHeliport
LOGFFürstenfeld AirportWien FIRFuerstenfeldSmall airport
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