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Country code AO
Country code (3 digit) AGO
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 108
Size 1,249,439 km2

Airports in Angola

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

FNCACabinda AirportCABLuanda FIR
CabindaMidsized airport
FNCTCatumbela AirportCBTLuanda FIR
CatumbelaMidsized airport
FNGINgjiva Pereira AirportVPELuanda FIR
NgivaMidsized airport
FNHUNova Lisboa AirportNOVLuanda FIR
HuamboMidsized airport
FNLUQuatro de Fevereiro International AirportLADLuanda FIR
LuandaLarge airport
FNUBLubango AirportSDDLuanda FIR
LubangoMidsized airport
FNUELuena AirportLUOLuanda FIR
LuenaMidsized airport
AO-0001Catoca AirportCTVLuanda FIRSaurimoSmall airport
AO-0002Nancova AirportLuanda FIRSmall airport
AO-0003Rito AirportLuanda FIRSmall airport
AO-0004Coemba AirportLuanda FIRSmall airport
AO-0005Andulo AirportANLLuanda FIRSmall airport
AO-0006Caluquembe AirportLuanda FIRSmall airport
AO-0007Cuvelai AirportLuanda FIRCuvelaiSmall airport
AO-0008Cuangar AirportLuanda FIRCuangarSmall airport
AO-0012Jamba AirportLuanda FIRJambaSmall airport
AO-0016Mavinga AirportLuanda FIRMavingaSmall airport
AO-0017Ninda AirportLuanda FIRNindaSmall airport
AO-0019Lucusse AirportLuanda FIRLucusseSmall airport
AO-0020Cassamba AirportLuanda FIRCassambaSmall airport
AO-0021Calunda AirportLuanda FIRSmall airport
AO-0022Lóvua AirportLuanda FIRLóvuaSmall airport
AO-0023Luacano AirportLuanda FIRLuacanoSmall airport
AO-0024Lumeje AirportLuanda FIRLumejeSmall airport
AO-0025Chipato AirportLuanda FIRLuaoSmall airport
AO-0027Camacupa AirportLuanda FIRCamacupaSmall airport
AO-0028Luando AirportLuanda FIRLuandoSmall airport
AO-0029Quirima AirportLuanda FIRQuirimaSmall airport
AO-0030Dala AirportLuanda FIRDalaSmall airport
AO-0032Longa AirportLuanda FIRLongaSmall airport
AO-0033Cuchi AirportLuanda FIRCuchiSmall airport
AO-0034Mutumbo AirportLuanda FIRMutumboSmall airport
AO-0035Miguel AirportLuanda FIRMiguelSmall airport
AO-0037Calai AirportWindhoek FIRCalaiSmall airport
AO-0038Chitado AirportLuanda FIRChitadoSmall airport
AO-0039Alto Dondo AirportLuanda FIRDondoSmall airport
AO-0040Mussende AirportLuanda FIRMussendeSmall airport
AO-0041Capenda Camulemba AirportLuanda FIRCapenda CamulembaSmall airport
AO-0042Xassengue AirportLuanda FIRXassengueSmall airport
AO-0043Balombo AirportLuanda FIRBalomboSmall airport
AO-0044Cuima AirportLuanda FIRCuimaSmall airport
AO-0045Cubati AirportLuanda FIRCubatiSmall airport
AO-0046Capelongo AirportLuanda FIRCapelongoSmall airport
AO-0047Chitembo AirportLuanda FIRChitemboSmall airport
AO-0048Cuito Cuanavale South AirportLuanda FIRSmall airport
AO-0049Mussuma AirportLuanda FIRMussumaSmall airport
AO-0050Mumbué AirportLuanda FIRMumbuéSmall airport
AO-0051Cubango River AirportLuanda FIRSmall airport
AO-0052Chinhama AirportLuanda FIRChinhamaSmall airport
AO-0053Baía dos Tigres AirstripLuanda FIRSmall airport
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