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Country code AL
Country code (3 digit) ALB
Continent Europe
Flight Information Regions
Airports 13
Size 28,298 km2

Airports in Albania

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

LATITirana International Airport Mother TeresaTIATirana FIR
TiranaMidsized airport
AL-0001Lapraka HeliportTirana FIRTiranaHeliport
AL-0004Mother Teresa Hospital HeliportTirana FIRHeliport
AL-0005University Trauma Hospital HeliportTirana FIRHeliport
AL-0006Pogradec HeliportTirana FIRHeliport
AL-0007Viva Air HeliportTirana FIRHeliport
AL-0008Farkë Helicopter BaseTirana FIRHeliport
AL-0009Puka HeliportTirana FIRHeliport
AL-0010Gjirokastër AirfieldTirana FIRGjirokastërSmall airport
LAFKTiranë Helicopter BaseTirana FIRHeliport
LAKUKukës International AirportKFZTirana FIRKukësMidsized airport
LAKVKuçovë Air BaseTirana FIRKuçovëMidsized airport
AL-0011GjirokasterTirana FIRGjirokastërClosed
LAKOKorcaTirana FIRKorçëSmall airport
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