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K3L3Newport BeachUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Los_Angeles
K5L8Long BeachUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Los_Angeles
K9L0Dana PointUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Los_Angeles
K6L9Huntington BeachUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Los_Angeles
K53QPillar Pt / El GrandaUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Los_Angeles
K85SSiuslaw River Coast Guard StationUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Los_Angeles
K51QSan Francisco PbsUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Los_Angeles
K88STillamook Bay Coast Guard StationUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Los_Angeles
K95SYaquina Bay Coast Guard StationUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Los_Angeles
K44WDiamond Shoals Coast Guard StationUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/New_York
K45BBrant Point Coast Guard StationUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/New_York
K3B6Eugene Island 330UnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Chicago
K97QPoint Reyes Coast Guard StationUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Los_Angeles
K50QFarallon IslandUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Los_Angeles
K8R1Mobile Point Coast Guard StationUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Chicago
K9B6Sewel RidgeUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/New_York
K8R6Calcasieu Coast Guard StationUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Chicago
K36BRace Point Coast Guard StationUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/New_York
K7R5Cameron HeliportUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/Chicago
K56NSandy Hook Coast Guard StationUnknownUnited StatesAmerica/New_York
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About the airport list

In this list you will find all airports. Per airport you will see the ICAO code, name, municipality, country, airport category, time zone and FIR. The Flight Information Region (FIR) is not always known. This is usually because there are several per country and we don't know exactly which region the field belongs to. If the FIR is known, it will be used in the NOTAM.

Fields with a issue their own METAR. Fields with issue both a METAR and a TAF. For other airports the METAR or TAF of the nearest weather station is displayed. Click on the name of an airport to view the most relevant METAR for that field. The data from the METAR is combined with information about the runways, so we can show crosswind components. If you want to combine another weather station, you can easily change it.

You can sort the list by clicking on the column titles. Click a second time to reverse the order. For advanced search and more filter options, click on "Search". For example, filter by country code to see all fields of a country. A few search tips:

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