Norden-Norddeich Airport

EDWS · Lower Saxony, Germany

About Norden-Norddeich Airport

  • 16/34  (159°/339°)
Type Small airport




Region Lower Saxony
Country Germany
Timezone Berlin (+1 h)
Coordinates 53.63306, 7.19028
Local time Dec 5, 2022 11:22

Norden-Norddeich Airport is a small airport in Lower Saxony, Germany. The airport has one runway: 16/34. The ICAO designator of this field is EDWS and it's IATA code is NOD. Nearby other airfields are Norderney Airport, Juist Airport, Baltrum Airport, Langeoog Airport and Emden Airport.

Norden-Norddeich Airport does not publish a METAR, the nearest weather station is Emden Airport, which is 27 km away.

Norden-Norddeich Airport is in the timezone of Europe/Berlin. Difference with UTC is +1 h. Today the sun rises at 08:30 and sets at 16:13. This applies to Norden-Norddeich Airport, the universal daylight period may be different. The difference between the local time and UTC is +1 hour. Currently, there is no daylight saving time in effect.

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Nearby airports

ICAO Name Distance Type City Country
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EDWZ Baltrum Airport 16 km Small airport Langeoog DE
EDWL Langeoog Airport 24 km Small airport Langeoog DE
EDWE Emden Airport 27 km Small airport Emden DE
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EDXP Flugplatz Harle 42 km Small airport Neuharlingersiel DE
EDWF Flugplatz Leer-Papenburg 43 km Small airport Jemgum DE
EHOW Oostwold Airport 48 km Small airport Midwolda NL

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