Aguenar – Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport

DAAT · Tamanrasset, Algeria

About Aguenar – Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport

  • 2/20  (022°/202°)
  • 8/26  (081°/261°)
Type Midsized airport




Region Tamanrasset
Country Algeria
Timezone Algiers (+1 h)
Coordinates 22.8115, 5.45108
Local time Dec 9, 2022 17:50

Aguenar – Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport is a midsized airport in Tamanrasset, Algeria. The airport has 2 runways: 2/20 and 8/26. The ICAO designator of this field is DAAT and it's IATA code is TMR. Nearby other airfields are In Guezzam Airport, Djanet Inedbirene Airport, Arlit Airport, Bordj Badji Mokhtar Airport and Iferouane Airport.

Aguenar – Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport publishes a METAR. The flight information region (FIR) is Alger ACC.

Aguenar – Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport is in the timezone of Africa/Algiers. Difference with UTC is +1 h. Today the sun rises at 07:07 and sets at 17:53. This applies to Aguenar – Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport, the universal daylight period may be different. The difference between the local time and UTC is +1 hour. Currently, there is no daylight saving time in effect.

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