Champion Agdm

CXCP · Alberta, Canada

About Champion Agdm

Runways Sorry, we don't have information about runways
Type Unknown


Timezone Edmonton (-7 h)
Coordinates 50.28333, -113.35
Local time Jan 27, 2023 05:24

Champion Agdm

Champion Agdm is a unknown in Alberta, Canada. The field elevation is 3,278 ft. The ICAO designator of this field is CXCP. Nearby other airfields are Vulcan / Kirkcaldy Airport, Vulcan Airport, Brant (Dixon Farm) Airport, Cayley A J Flying Ranch Airport and Wilderman Farm Airport.

Champion Agdm publishes a METAR.

Champion Agdm is in the timezone of America/Edmonton. Difference with UTC is -7 h. Today the sun rises at 08:14 and sets at 17:17. This applies to Champion Agdm, the universal daylight period may be different. The difference between the local time and UTC is -7 hour. Currently, there is no daylight saving time in effect.

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Nearby airports

Airport ID Distance Direction
Vulcan / Kirkcaldy Airport CA-0497 2.9 NM 354°
Vulcan (Hospital) Heliport CVH7 7.6 NM 027°
Vulcan Airport CFX6 7.7 NM 018°
Brant (Dixon Farm) Airport CEX9 11 NM 318°
Claresholm (General Hospital) Heliport CFV7 18 NM 209°
Cayley A J Flying Ranch Airport CAJ7 18 NM 304°
Wilderman Farm Airport CFT2 18 NM 331°
Claresholm Industrial Airport CEJ4 20 NM 212°
Claresholm Automatic Weather Reporting System CWDK 20 NM 212°

Navigational aids

Name Ident Type Distance Direction
Vulcan Z5 NDB-DME 7.3 NM 020°

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