Oak Hammock Air Park

CAV9 · Manitoba, Canada

This METAR is from August 15, 2022 13:00. Most recent
Wind direction of Wind direction of Wind direction to Wind direction 020°
Wind direction to Wind: 3 kt, gusting 16 kt, 1 beaufort

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METAR CYWG 151800Z 02003G16KT 330V050 13SM FEW010 FEW025CB SCT030TCU BKN100 BKN140 20/18 A2998 RMK CU1CB2TCU1AC2AC2 CU TR / CB W-NE MOV ENE SLP157 DENSITY ALT 1500FT

METAR Oak Hammock Air Park - CAV9

Oak Hammock Air Park is a small airport in Oak Hammock, Canada. The field elevation is 755 ft. The ICAO designator of this field is CAV9.

This report was made for August 15, 2022 13:00, local time on Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

Airport observations

The wind is from direction 020° with a speed of 3 kt. Wind gusts of 16 kt have been measured. The wind direction varies between 330° and 050°.

Visibility is 13 mi.

There are few clouds at an altitude of 1,000 ft, few clouds cumulonimbus at an altitude of 2,500 ft, scattered clouds towering cumulus at an altitude of 3,000 ft, broken clouds at an altitude of 10,000 ft and broken clouds at an altitude of 14,000 ft. The ceiling, broken or more, is 10,000 ft.

The temperature and wind chill are 20 °C. The dew point is 18 °C, the relative humidity is 88%. The air pressure at sea level is 29.98 inHg (QNH).

Daylight period

Today the sun rises at 07:28 and sets at 19:06. This applies to Oak Hammock Air Park, the universal daylight period may be different. The difference between the local time and UTC is -5 hour. Daylight saving time is currently in progress.


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1,000 ft FEW Few clouds
2,500 ft FEW Few clouds cumulonimbus
3,000 ft SCT Scattered clouds towering cumulus
10,000 ft BKN Broken clouds
14,000 ft BKN Broken clouds

Temperature & Weather

Temperature 20 °C
Dewpoint 18 °C
Rel. humidity 88%
Kp-index 0 (0-9)


SLP157Sea level pressure is 29.99 inHg (29.99 inHg)

Daylight period



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